The Mr. Carson of Social Media

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Cue the Downton Abbey theme song.  A car pulls up the drive, a footman opens the door, and from the smiling line of Granthams, Crawleys and servants bounces an eager Anchor Media team member – thumbs flying across the smart phone.  #TwitterButler and… scene.

The Madison Hotel in DC approached us a few weeks ago, asking if we’d partner with them on an Inauguration Package, offering our services as a Social Media Butler. We giggle every time we hear that title…. how could we resist something that awesome? Count us in!

The Presidential Inauguration is a special event that few are able to witness in person. The transfer of power or the start of a second presidential term are both remarkable moments in American history, and it’s great that we can share this year’s inauguration with our online networks.  From Tweeting and Facebooking to Instagramming and Pinning – we’re ready to record the memories in real time as the Social Media Butler for the friends and family of excited attendees so they can enjoy the moment.

For anyone out there interested in working with a Twitter Butler, you came to the right place.  Hosting a conference or event? How about having a dedicated person in attendance to live-tweet and share what’s going on for people who couldn’t make it? We can think of a lot of reasons why you or your company might need a Twitter Butler, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – For an unbeatable combination of service and social savvy, just ping the Twitter Butler!


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