What can Instagram do for you? 5 Ways to Get ‘Gramming!

Instagram is a great form of social media. Facebook and Twitter are good, but they are often overused by companies and therefore overlooked by consumers as their news feeds are cluttered with sponsored stories and tweets. Instagram, on the other hand is fast, fun, and free of words! The visual aspect of Instagram is what… Read More

Keeping up with Pinterest Updates

  Do you always find yourself procrastinating on Pinterest? Are you always spending hours repining? Well, prepare to spend even more time on this fabulous site. Sorry – were you expecting productivity advice? Pinterest is on a roll with updates to their platform – Here are 4 new things you’ll now find on Pinterest: GIFS!… Read More

Five reasons your company needs to be using social media

1. CUSTOMER SERVICE – Social media has many useful applications, but in today’s world, customer service is one of the most important. People don’t want to call a company and sit on hold for hours – they don’t have time or they get frustrated waiting. That’s where social comes in! Social media is a great… Read More

Anchor Conversation Starter: Social Media Policy

The National Labor Relations Board said last year that employees have the right to discuss their workplace and their working conditions – even on social media. The legislation, called the National Labor Relations Act, has forced employers to rewrite their social media policies and adopt more lenient rules. According to the New York Times, the… Read More

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp

The latest news in the social world is that Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion, the largest high-profile technical acquisition to date. This acquisition price tag even stumped deals such as Google acquiring YouTube and Microsoft acquiring Skype. WhatsApp assures its 450 million users that nothing will change with their accounts. Users will still be… Read More

Boosting Your Job Search with Social Media

With graduation in just a few months, my job search is in full swing. It’s a lot of work on top of classes, so I’ve been looking for ways to maximize my time spent searching. Below are some tips I’ve found to be helpful – hopefully they’ll be useful to you as well: LinkedIn: Start… Read More

Victoria Devine named a DC Socialite

In last week’s Washington Business Journal, Victoria Devine, Anchor founder, was named a Washington Socialite – read more here. Recognizing her as one of the top social media experts in Washington DC, the article lays out advice from her and two other area-experts on building a social strategy in 2014 and beyond. And for more… Read More

Conversation Starter: Vine

Happy 1st Birthday, Vine! One year ago today, the app launched and thus altered the video landscape of social media: Users could post 6-second-long videos that continuously played in loops. Like multimedia GIFs, Vine videos could be shared both on the Vine platform itself and on other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. (In fact,… Read More

What We Learned Last Year in Social

In 2013, every major social network witnessed growth. Today, over 70% of adults online are using at least one social network. Almost half are on two or more. These numbers alone confirm an important message – your brand needs to be on social media. No matter your target demographic, at least a portion of them… Read More