Our Most Popular Services:

  • Social Media Presence Assessment
  • Social Media Strategy Creation and Development
  • Social Media Training
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Campaign Design and Management
  • Social Campaign Design and Management
  • Online Customer Relationship Management
  • Ambassador Programs
  • Community Management
  • Ongoing Social Intelligence Reporting
  • Blogger Outreach Campaigns
  • Blog Content Development
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Email Marketing Guidance or Implementation
  • Public Relations Support
  • Infographic Creation

Hire a Social Media Event Concierge
We are the home of the original Twitter Butler, and have expanded our “butler” services to coverage of all events. For $250 an hour, you could have a Social Media Concierge present at your event (wedding, conference, bar mitzvah, open house, launch party, etc.) to help document memories of your guests and special moments on social media networks.

Our team of creative and fun social media professionals will meet with you before your event to go over ideas for personalizing social media experiences specific to your event. Below is a list of possible services:

  • Pre-event planning and social media coordination
  • Hashtag creation and promotion
  • Live-tweeting or Instagramming
  • Instagram Photo Booth
  • Vines and Instagram Videos of key event moments
  • Post-event photo uploads to Facebook or Google+ albums

Make sure your event is just as memorable online as it is in person. Email for more information.

What Can We Do For You?
We recognize there is more to social media than amassing followers and friends. ┬áThe effectiveness of social marketing lies in the experience you create for your customers, regardless of the platform. Loyalty is not established overnight, but through continuous engagement and attentive relationship management. We champion an integrated and creative approach to managing our clients’ social presence, and are confident we can help expand your online and social presence to support your business’ bottom line.

Do you get social? It’s probably time for you to #GetAnchored!
We are happy to assist with any stage of your social media marketing needs – from launching your accounts, strategic planning, day to day management or even just training your team.

Would you like more information on how we can support your business with social media? A quote? Company over a cup of coffee? Email us to connect with the Anchor Team.