Not all Social Media Platforms are Created Equal

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Ever wondered how some brands stand out from their competitors on multiple social platforms? Your brand has a voice but adapting that personality to fit the wide array of social platforms can be tricky.  Sharing the same information time after time across each of your social platforms is boring. Don’t encourage your audience to snooze and glaze over your content. Embrace each social platform’s strengths and create content to pump up your audiences.

Think of each platform as having its own personality – treat them differently:

Facebook: A personal platform offering the opportunity to go more in depth with text, links and photos –  a great platform for sharing the stories of your fans over your own.

Tips for Brands:

  • Don’t just post hard news or sales-y text – engage, engage, engage!
  • Keep posts short, sweet and include a call to action.
  • Encourage your audience to share their stories and experiences that relate to your brand.
  • Use graphics and photos to visually tell your story.

Photos on Facebook Engagement by WishpondInfographic by Wishpond: Impact of Photos on Facebook

A news oriented platform, good for driving traffic to your other platforms. Best for customer service and sharing attention grabbing stories.

Tips for Brands:

  • Tell readers why they should care.
  • Give them a reason to click.
  • Use about 120 characters which makes it easier for retweeting.
  • 24/7 Twitter operation – You snooze you lose!

Twitter Statistics by Twitter Tools and Tips Blog [Infographic]Infographic by Twitter Tools and Tips Blog: Interesting Twitter Statistics

Pinterest: An inspiring, lifestyle-focused visual platform that thrives on creativity and unique ways to share.

Tips for Brands:

  • Pin bright, large photos.
  • DYK: Text overlays on pins are more likely to get a repin.
  • Pin content fans want to see. Not sure what they want? Ask!
  • Give them a reason to return.
  • Where are you driving traffic? Make sure your pins point in that direction.

Pinterest User Engagement Infographic by ViralBlogInfographic by ViralBlog: How Users Interact on Pinterest

Instagram: A more personal, mobile glance into your brand’s visual presence.

Tips for Brands:

  • Go behind the scenes. Post photos with an inside look at your brand.
  • Update your followers on the latest news and events.
  • Share fan content, to reinforce  your relationship with advocates.

Instagram Nation by DigitalBuzz BlogInfographic by DigitalBuzz Blog: Instagram Nation

Take your time, engage and watch your community grow. Find out what works for your brand on each platform and move away from a generic content strategy .  If you’re putting in the hours and not seeing much reward, your fans probably aren’t there.  Don’t waste your energy posting to every platform.  Choose the ones that fit your brand, and tell your story.

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