CHECK OUT OUR VALUES BELOW. IF you read THEM AND THINK, “Wow, that’s totally me.”? Perfect! We want you to join our team.

To apply, please email jobs@anchormedia.com and blow our minds with your resume + one writing sample. No cover letter needed, but please link us to your personal social profiles to make the online stalking a little easier. ;)

OUr values:

#1: move at the speed of social

Social rolls 24/7. We have nothing against snails. Snails are cool. They just can’t roll with us. Why? News travels fast. You have to set the pace and be one step (or five) ahead of the trends. Social may not rest on the weekends, but it sure knows how to party, so bring the funk.

#2: adapt & prioritize

Social is a balancing act. We have a great number of diverse projects going on at all times—all top priority with tight deadlines. If you’re a worrywart, take our humble advice and look for a more mellow role. We’re a team of doers, not boohoo-ers. We work hard, but we play hard too. So get ready to have some fun.

#3: Empower & encourage

Our small team environment allows us to collaborate on big, fast-paced projects, and that’s awesome! So we’re going to need you to leap in and grab the bull by the horns. Toss out ideas, be creative, and think outside the box—every contribution, big or small, is a stepping stone in the right direction. Positive thinking produces powerful results. Bring it.

#4: Genuinely All in

We don’t speak to fill the air. We listen. We learn. Every project entrusted to us is well planned and understood, so when it’s time, we’re quick out of the gate with sharp messaging and a thoughtful plan. We see the big picture because we’ve read the fine print. Get ready to listen up and focus in.




Oh, and one more thing: We all work remotely, but we always get it done. So go ahead, wear yoga pants if you’re fancy. Work in your living room or your favorite coffee shop. You do you. 

Okay, we’ve talked enough. Your turn.

Apply today. "Walk-ins" welcome. ;p